Saturday, January 14, 2012

Look Up

Blogger recently added the ability to have menu items which take the reader to different web pages completely.  So, I've added our other websites to this menu ... above (  These are the places we are constantly referring people to.  If you want to see what we're talking about with our Tutorial Videos, you can click on the menu above for Our Tutorial Videos.  If you've missed getting lots of computer tips in this blog, you can click on the menu item above for Our Business Blog.  And, we especially hope you click on our Facebook page and be sure to 'Like' it!

Jim has been working all day every day this week at the Paradise Island booth here at the Tampa RV Supershow.  Although he's not working a Geeks on Tour booth - he's seen plenty of people we know here at the show, including the famous author, Nick Russell.  In case you don't know Nick - he's best known for his newspaper The Gypsy Journal, and his daily blog.  But, that is quickly being overshadowed by becoming the best selling author of Big Lake.  Jim and I read it as soon as it came out on Kindle this summer and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Big Lake is currently at #3 in Amazon's Book, Mystery and Thriller, Police Procedural category.  Even with a sales price of only .99 and giving over half to Amazon - 30,000 sales/mo means some really nice income.  C'mon Smile Nick!

I've visited the show once or twice, but for the most part I've been chained to the computer.  As many RVers - my office and my dinner table are the same!

We're excited to have a visitor for the weekend.  Our old friend John as in' Lynne and John', of Cosmic Muffin fame.  We met them in our first few months of fulltime RVing back in 2003.  Now they are living (still in their RV) nearTillamook, Oregon.  John is in Florida for a few months on a construction project and we were thrilled that he got to come down to Tampa for a couple of days to visit.

And, tonight we're planning to get together with our friends Phil and Tracey from TechnoRV.  Nothing better than a few beers to get us to finalize our plans for the the Techno-Geek Learning Rally!

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John and Kathy said...

Some of our favorite people, 4 G's and 2 T's. 2 Geeks, 2 Gypsys and two Techno's. We'll be back in FL next Winter and we'll be at the big show.

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