Friday, September 13, 2013

7 Days Cross Country

This is not our normal way of travel, nor do we recommend it!  But, when you have to be somewhere on the other side of the country (in this case Jim’s Dad’s memorial service at Arlington) it’s good to know that it can be done in one week’s time.

Actually, it was kinda fun.  I even drove for about 2 whole hours Smile I could tell that Jim was getting a bit road-weary somewhere in Pennsylvania.  That was after 2,000 miles basically non-stop!  Good of me to relieve him for a couple hours dontcha think?


Day 1:

We actually started in Reno, Nevada.  We’d have to count an 8th day if it were non-stop from the Pacific.  We got a late start on our first day. leaving Melinda and Laird’s around 2-3 pm. 

A lot of straight roads in Nevada!

We found a nice Passport America park in Winnemucca to spend the night.

Day 2:

We both love history and couldn’t resist a stop at the California Trail center near Elko, NV

Then it was on to Utah

And crossed the Bonneville Salt Flats

We made dinner and slept in a Highway rest area just east of Salt Lake City

Day 3:

Wide Open Spaces??

Just because it looks flat, doesn’t mean we aren’t at high elevations!

On into Nebraska

We needed groceries anyway, so we made this a Walmart night in Sydney, Nebraska.

Day 4:

We started the day with a great walk from the Walmart to the nearby Cabela’s.  Beautiful morning.

Then it was back on the road!

When we weren’t listening to a Book on CD (Thank you Melinda!) I was exploring my new iPad Mini and working on how best to teach these things.  It’s such a great size for using while traveling!

We’ve stopped at this museum before.  It’s an archway right over the highway with great exhibits of the pioneers that traveled this same route so long before us.

Now, what were just wagon ruts are superhighways, thanks to President Eisenhower!

Soon, we crossed the Missouri River into Iowa.

But, it was just a little corner of Iowa, then we were in Missouri.

After two nights dry camping, we felt the need for a quiet place with electricity – so we found Sharps RV park in St. Joseph’s, Missouri.

Day 5

We crossed the Mississippi River

And were in

The land of Lincoln indeed!  We’ve spent time learning about Lincoln on a previous trip to Illinois. This time all we saw was cornfields!

And then it was time for

We stopped at a rest area just west of Indianapolis for the night.

Day 6

Although it was fine when we stopped, this rest area filled up with trucks – all running their engines and generally making a LOT of noise.  We didn’t sleep very well, so just got up and got going – it wasn’t even light yet!  We saw the sun rise in morning rush hour over Indianapolis.

Caught sight of a few more cornfields!

And then we were in Ohio.

Boy, it’s getting hilly around here.

Hilly and curvy and lots of trucks.  Must be Chris’ turn to drive!  I made it for a whole two hours before giving the wheel back to Jim!

Was that West Virginia!  Just a sliver of it this time.

Then we’re in Pennsylvania!  We’re still smiling.

Once again, we want hookups tonight!  We found a park called Mt. Morris Trailer Park in southern PA.

Day 7

Into Maryland

Did you know there was an Eastern Continental Divide?

Ahhhh … beautiful scenery

Then we hit D.C. … at 5 o’clock traffic in a rain, thunder, and lightning storm!

We made it to our destination.  An Elk’s Lodge in Alexandria, VA.  And we have 3 days to spare!  I believe in having some leeway in our schedule to deal with unforeseen circumstances – but we didn’t have any!

We’re SO glad that we learned about Elk’s Lodges RV parking.  Nick Russell of the Gypsy Journal RV Newspaper told us about this a long time ago, but we’ve really taken advantage of it this summer!  So many places where we would not be able to find reasonably priced, nearby, RV parks – yet there is an Elk’s Lodge. 

Here’s the summary:

  • 7 days, 6 nights
  • 13 states
  • 2700 miles
  • 325 gallons of fuel, $1,264
  • Avg mpg = 8.4
  • 3 nights @ $0, other 3 total $71
  • 55 hours total travel time (includes stops)
  • 8 hrs/day average travel time

Did you enjoy the ride?

If you want to see the pictures in a larger format, just click on any one.  That should take you to full-screen view.  Then you can use the slide-show thumbnails at the bottom of the screen to scroll thru all the pictures in this blog post.  To get back to the blog, click the X in the upper right corner.

And … there’s even more pictures in our monthly photo album for September!


Bill Joyce said...

Wow, a fast pace for us is 1,000 miles a week.

Sharon Del Rosario said...

Yes, a fast trip for sure. Proud of you for driving, Chris! Now, do an hour or two every day and pretty soon you'll be a pro!

On the road with Chris and Charles said...

I am worn out just seeing all those state signs! Lol Glad all is well! said...

We went 50 miles to get to our next stop. It will take us 2500 to go back to Arizona and we need to do it in 14 days. That would be a piece of cake for you. Enjoyed the photos.

marymay said...

Methinks ya'lls crazy peeple! But "a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do" in life. Good this wasn't your first RV trip!