Wednesday, July 09, 2014

I just flew to Fort Lauderdale and back–boy are my arms tired!

I knew I wanted to go home and visit Mom sometime during the summer. The first week of July – flying out of Denver seemed to fit just right. And it’s her birthday! Perfect. Jim stayed in the parking lot at the Elks lodge. We had really nice neighbors there – here’s Ingrid. She’s another blogger and we chatted a bit about Picasa. See her blog – and beautiful pictures – at

I really enjoy how our smartphones have made flight arrangements easier. No need to buy a paper ticket, no need even to print anything out from a computer before you go. It’s all in an email on my phone, including the scannable boarding pass. It does work, but I found it easier to go to one of the kiosks, use the code from my email, and get a printed ticket. I hate fumbling with my phone when there’s a line of people behind me. For some unknown reason it even printed me a TSA priority ticket so I got in the short line and didn’t have to take my shoes off going thru security.
I still ask for a window seat!

No clunky camera anymore either – just the phone! I got in to Fort Lauderdale airport about midnight and picked up my cute little rental car. My first order of business in the morning was to get a haircut, then I went over to visit with Mom.

It seems to be going quite well with the Assisted Living Facility I moved her to before we left in April. She still recognizes me – although she registered no surprise at all to see me approach her. She is at that stage where she just accepts what her eyes see, no questions asked. The next day, Dee had the idea of making a little picnic to eat in her room – tablecloth and all!

In my off time, I went shopping! I got a new Samsung Note 10.1 from Best Buy to use on our Sunday show. Jim and I are now doing a weekly show on using smartphones and tablets. We call it “What Does This Button Do?” There is just so much to learn about smartphones and tablets that we need the motivation of a weekly show to keep up! We’re using Google+ Hangouts On Air to produce the show. It’s completely free! So cool. To teach this stuff we need to demonstrate it – so just a webcam focused on our faces doesn’t do the trick. We like to use the cameras on tablets to be our stage camera – then we can switch to the rear camera to show the other devices. Long story short … I needed another device – so I got one! And it worked great – we did our second show while I was in Fort Lauderdale and Jim was in Denver! If you want to see what we have to teach on both Android and Apple mobile devices tune in on Sundays at 2pm EDT. You can see the archived shows on our website at That will tell you how to watch the upcoming live show as well.

Monday was Mom’s birthday and my friends Chris and Dee helped me celebrate it with her by going to a favorite restaurant right on the beach – Sea Watch.

All in all it was quite a successful visit. Back on the plane – this time I took photos with my new tablet! Oh, I also made a video about the new tablet. I think this one could be the answer for people who want to leave the computer behind when they go traveling, but need to get the pictures off the camera and onto something like a computer for viewing.
Watch this video and see what you think (

Back on a plane leaving Fort Lauderdale.

Getting into Denver

Jim picked me up and took me to dinner at a cool restaurant on a golf course not too far from the airport. Bison Grill.

Hi Honey! I’m Home. Here’s a photo Jim took as we left the restaurant – I’m showing off my new Samsung Tablet. Notice how it doesn’t look like I’m holding onto it? I also got a “HandEHolder” to make it easy to hold onto.

Remember, you can see more photos on our monthly web album for July. Or you can see any month by clicking on the menu above for “Our Photos.”


Jan Mains said...

I can relate as my Dad is 94 and about the same condition. I talk to him everyday but I don't think he remembers much.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a very nice visit with your mom. It was a pleasure meeting you guys and thanks for all the helpful info you provide for those of us technology challenged....very helpful. Happy trails!