Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Scenic Route thru Colorado

If you ask Google to take you from Denver to Park City, UT it wants you to drive north to Wyoming and then west on 80. But notice that it does acknowledge some alternate routes that go thru the mountains straight west of Denver. That's what I wanted. The scenic route! What do I care if it's steep grades and curvy? Jim does the driving!

Not only was it steep and curvy, but there was lots of construction and it was raining!

I still think it was worth it. Beautiful scenery! Here's the area near Glennwood canyon.

We planned to find a place to stay somewhere around Glennwood, but no such luck. I found all the campgrounds available using my Allstays Camp and RV app, and tried calling them. All full. So, we ended up in the Walmart parking lot in Rifle, CO. There were "no overnight parking" signs all over the place so we were a bit worried even there. We had some shopping to do so, once inside Walmart, we found a customer service manager and asked about parking overnight. "No Problem" she said. OK. And, here's the view from our bedroom window. Not bad.

The next day we headed straight north out of Rifle. It was a small road, but well maintained. Jim pulled off the road for a delightful lunch stop.

I'm so glad we took the scenic route!

We actually had reservations for our next destination near Park City where we planned to meet up with our old friends Tom and Margo Foster who recently bought a vacation home there. Unfortunately, we arrived a day before our reservation and we were told there were no spaces available at that park. We called around, and everyone was full! So, it was another Walmart night. This time in Heber City, UT.

The location of our production studios for the 3d Episode of our weekly show.

Our main concern was Internet because we had to do our weekly show on Sunday. This was our third episode of "What Does This Button Do?" Pretty amazing that we can produce a worldwide broadcast from our RV using the generator for electricity, our cellphones for Internet connection (Verizon was actually very good at the Walmart!.) We did mess up and not have our sound set correctly though. We talked for over 13 minutes before getting the message that no one could hear us! We've edited that out, and you can watch the recording of WDTBD Episode 3, along with all the other archives at

Our view of the super moon the next morning was made even more super looking out our bedroom window in a Walmart parking lot!

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GMF said...

Beautiful pictures you have
this montth. We are in our first trip in our new old class C. Full campgrounds are. The normhere on the east coast as well.