Saturday, August 02, 2014

A Catch Up Day on the Coast

Thousand Trails parks are the closest thing we have to home when we’re traveling. We are members and that means you pay annual fees (approx $500), and you don’t have to pay anything when you stay. The problem is that “Home” also means “Office” and many TT parks are far away from good Internet. I had to have Internet for this stay because it was the end of the month and I had a newsletter to get out! Luckily, I remembered that Nick Russell had traveled this route last summer and stayed at TT parks, so I looked up the days in in his blog and found his reference to “decent Verizon signal” at the TT Oceana park. If you follow the link to his blog post, you’ll see some of the same pictures as ours from Olympic Peninsula! I know I recognize the one of a pullout along the road. Since he also works from his RV, I know that he often talks about his Internet connection. So, although I can look up Verizon signal on my coverage app, or check out location of cell towers, I most appreciate hearing from someone who has been there, done that.
But, with “decent” signal – I was still worried. We pulled into the park and, I had Jim drive around while I kept my eyes glued to the cell phone to see what area of the park had the most bars! It wasn’t pretty – 2-3 bars of 4G at the most, fading out to 3G in some areas. We really couldn’t identify any area that was much better than the others, so we picked a grassy spot at the beach end of the park. I did have enough signal to get my work done, but it was pretty slow going. Jim wrote one article for this month’s newsletter, then went out to do the work that really needed to be done … washing the motorhome and car!

Years ago, we started our monthly newsletter and I wrote it near the beginning of the month, then it started slipping towards the middle of the month. I finally decided that the newsletter was a way to recap the month past so I did it at the end. But, to be July’s newsletter, it had to get out by July 31, right? I clicked the “send” button at 11:30pm and felt quite proud of myself until Jim informed me that it was August by now on the East coast! :-( I know that nobody else cares if I get it done in time. I just hate it when the automatic archives show a newsletter in August and, when you look, it’s actually July. Wow – looking at those archives, I see that we’ve produced a newsletter at least once each month for nearly 8 years now!
On August 1, I deserved a treat! What is better than a solitary walk on a beach? I left Jim doing more chores around the rig, and took the short walk thru some sand dunes to one of the longest, most solitary beaches I’ve ever seen!

Actually it was so long and solitary that it occurred to me I might not know how to get back to the park from the beach side! Yes, there was this interesting tipi style pile of driftwood marking the path, but when I looked down the beach I saw other similar markers! So, I decided to turn on Runkeeper on my phone. As the name indicates, Runkeeper is usually used to track your exercise. I had no intention of “exercising!” I was just going to stroll. But, Runkeeper lets you know exactly how far you’ve gone. So, I figured if it told me I’d gone a mile when I decided to turn around, then when I hit the 2 mile spot I’d be back! That made me feel really relaxed as I strolled down the beach.
At one point, I found a nice big driftwood log where I could sit and use it as a back rest. I don’t think I could be any happier!

Toe Meditation?
I don't know who wrote this in the sand, but I could have!

You can see all of our pictures from July on our monthly Web Photo Album.

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