Monday, September 01, 2014

Ancient Charms and ancient friends

Well, maybe not ancient, but Arynne and I have been friends since high school, and that was quite a while ago! We were roommates in college and left together in 1973 to travel. She ended up in California – I lived in Canada for a while, then followed her to California, where we were roommates again in Berkeley. While I continued the traveling life, she has made California her home. Currently she lives in a dream house right on the coast a little south of Santa Cruz. Check out this view:

Every night she gets to look at that. I can see why she doesn't want to leave the house. She's been an artist, jewelry maker, weaver, and costumer most all of her adult life, and she sells her wares at Rennaissance faires and on her website, Ancient Charms. Her latest pieces are inspired by the Steampunk genre. She puts clockwork pieces together and calls them Time Trinkets.
At the current Rennaissance Faire, her booth is knows as Ancient Amulets.
When we were here in 2004, I posted a picture of the weaving she made for me.

She made arrangements with a neighbor for us to park in their driveway. It was a bit tight, but we made it. It was great to be roommates again for a few days!

We went to a local farmers markets, visited the Monterey Aquarium, had a few dinners, and watched whales play in Monterey Bay.

We even did our weekly show #10 from her neighbors' driveway, and she sat in - even making a short appearance!

After leaving Arynne's, we drove a short distance to the Elk's lodge in Monterey. What a great location, right in the middle of Monterey.
Life is Good!

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