Saturday, September 13, 2014

San Luis Obispo

Of all the places we’ve visited in this country, there are only a few that we would be happy living year round. San Luis Obispo county is one of them. I actually did live here, in Morro Bay, back in 1980-83. We drove up to the street I used to live on and snapped a photo …

There’s a great campground right on the beach at Morro Strand, but they didn’t have a site big enough for us, so we found a friendly Elks Lodge right in San Luis Obispo. This worked out great because it was so close to my good friend, Liz. We were able to visit for a few dinners, and a few drives. One day we drove up to San Simeon – home of the stunning Hearst Castle which we visited another time we were here – see blog post.

This time we walked out on the pier at San Simeon in hopes of seeing some whales. We did see some spouts a ways out, but I didn’t catch a picture. It was a gorgeous day though, with good friends.

Racing with a flock of Pelicans along the Pacific coast
The picture above is Liz and me on the Pier at San Simeon. Hearst castle is on top of the hill in the background. All the land surrounding the castle is Hearst Ranch. Liz worked very hard for many years to preserve that land. She vows to write the story of that project one of these days, meanwhile, here's a website for the Hearst Ranch Conservation project.

While we were here, we gave a few seminars for local computer clubs. Cloud Computing for the SLO Bytes main meeting of their computer club, and an advanced Picasa class for the Digital Photo special interest group of that club.

Presenting our Cloud Computing seminar for the San Luis Obispo computer club - SLOBytes

Next, we went up to Paso Robles and presented our "Technology for Travelers" seminar.

I really what love the SLOBytes photography group wrote on their website about our special Advanced Picasa Presentation.

Then we had a few days off before the next work assignment. My friend, Melinda came down from where she lives in Reno to join us here on the coast. I am just in heaven being with two of my longest and dearest friends - both at once!

Melinda came down with her sister and they stayed in Melinda's truck camper at the Morro Strand park. So we got to hang out till sunset there.

We also visited an Apple Farm, which was just a short drive from where we were staying in SLO.  They told us they had 72 varieties of apples all total throughout the year. They offered tastes of the different varieties. Like a wine tasting!

And the ride back was gorgeous.

They sure could use some rain around here. They're in the worst drought in generations. No fires so far in this area though, and it is so beautiful.

Since we had a whole 10 days in San Luis Obispo, I also took some time to go smartphone shopping for Liz. She said she wanted to join the 21st century, but she also seemed to hold pretty tight to her simple, old, flip phone. So, I recommended she get a tablet as a way to learn about mobile devices without letting go of the familiar phone. We found that Verizon had a sale on the LG G-Pad for $100 w/2 yr contract. That means it has it's own Verizon internet connection - no WiFi required. Basically, it does everything a smartphone does, but it's bigger, and it doesn't do regular phone calls. I thought this tablet was so nice, I did a little video on it here:

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Glad to see you've both been busy but enjoying your summer as well.
Are you heading back to Florida this coming winter.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.