Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Geek Week at Palm Creek

Palm Creek is a huge, amazing, RV resort in Casa Grande, Arizona. We have a long history there, starting with supporting Coach Connect Wi-Fi back in 2004-5. Our official work at the park was over then, but Sue Hepler, a year-round resident who is very active in the computer clubs, keeps in touch with us and arranges our visits any time we're in the area. You can read more about Sue because she is our member spotlight this month.

This year she arranged a "Geek Week" where we taught a couple classes that she put onto the main park activities calendar, one for the Computer Club, and one for the Android club. Yes, there is a computer club AND an Android club! We taught Smartphone Basics, Blogger, Google Photos, and Android Tips. Sue wrote about it in her own blog here. You need to scroll down quite a ways to get to the Geek Week part.

Back in 2007-8 I used Blogger to set them up with a website to be an index of club websites. I taught several people at Palm Creek how to use Blogger so that each activity club could have a place of their own to keep track of club events and photos. I'm amazed that, ten years later, it's still a very active website with 19 clubs listed. Check out the Pickleball club! Palm Creek boasts 32 dedicated Pickleball courts. These guys are serious!

We're happy to teach at Palm Creek anytime we're in the west. Thanks so much to Sue for making it happen!

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