Friday, October 11, 2019

We found Wakanda

We had several days to get to our next gig. From Moline to Brandon  450 miles. We consider that 2 days of driving, so I started looking for an overnight stop somewhere about halfway and found a casino. Along the way, when we crossed over the Mississippi River, we saw lots of flooding, so we went surprised when we arrived at the casino and learned the RV parking area was closed due to flooding. We stopped for dinner anyway as we checked the map and asked for recommendations for camping.

Wakonda state park is just down the road and we were assured that it was on higher ground and not affected by flooding. Cool.

As we checked in we remarked on our good luck for finding such a nice state park when our planned parking spot had been flooded out. We also had to make some jokes about Wakanda Forever, and how we couldn't wait to tell everyone that Wakanda was a real place after all. I still can't decide if their blank stare was because they were bored with that tired joke, or that they were unaware of the magical country called Wakanda from the black panther movie. Come to think of it, I hadn't seen a movie theatre in many miles.

It was a beautiful campground, very peaceful, and really good internet from at&t so we stayed another night, and I was able to use Zoom to make an appearance at a Google Photos class in Wisconsin and answer their questions. It works so good. It really will make it possible to do more and more work remotely. Meanwhile, we just enjoyed relaxing in our comfy camper and taking walks in the magical forests.

Chris Guld

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