Saturday, June 13, 2020

#StayHome Days 81-85 Learning Empathy

I'm a happy person living in an unhappy time. We're in a global pandemic, thousands are marching in the streets, risking their lives, to bring our attention to systemic racism. And, oh yeah, the country is in lockdown which deprives hundreds of thousands of people from earning a living. It is a depressing time.
I'm semi-retired, I have Medicare, I collect social security as does my husband, and we earn an income doing work we love online with our website and a community of paying members. We are both white, with all the privilege that entails. Life is good. We understand that others do not have the same lives as we do, but how do we relate?
I've been watching
I've been reading
Dessa Rose a novel depicting realities of being a slave
Give People Money making the case for a Universal Basic Income to lessen the gap between haves and have nots

Bad News
Mon 6/8 US cases: 2 million Deaths: 113,000
Tue 6/9 US cases 2.02 million Deaths: 114,000
We'd 6/10 US cases: 2.04 million Deaths 115,000
Thu 6/11 US cases: 2.06 million Deaths 115,000 DOW -1,500
Fri 6/12 US cases: 2.09 million Deaths 116,000


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

We're living in crazy times, that's for sure. I haven't gotten too paranoid over the virus and like you, have Medicare & Social Security as well as a little retirement income that we have because of wise decisions along the way. I don't understand the rioting. Peaceful protest, fine. Rioting, no. It only makes people think less of them. As far as giving the have nots money so they can be equal to the haves. I don't think so. Way to many of the have nots could be better off if they had made better decisions along the way. Things like working to finish their education, working at a job for 60+ hours a week like so many of us privileged white folks and other races have. Like staying away from booze, drugs and crime. Besides, do you honestly think the working people are going to keep working so their earnings can support someone who doesn't work as hard? Wait, we already have that: welfare, food stamps, Section 8 housing, Medicaid, etc. etc. The thing is socialism is nice as long as you have other people's money to spend, but when it's gone everyone winds up at each other's throats. You're a nice lady & I probably shouldn't dump on you like this. All the crap just gets to me and I don't see rewarding a screaming, rioting mob.

Matte Blk, Catalyst4Christ said...

Teach your kids to pray, too.
That'll reallllllllllly help.
This'll help, too, to get your
thotzNideers offa this world:
God bless you.
Cya soon...