Thursday, October 15, 2020

Nothing like a Pandemic to bring out your inner Hypochondriac

 Our Roadtrek rally was small. No more than 25 people in the room. We have often given our seminars to groups of several hundred. But, still, that's 25 more people than we've seen in over 6 months!

Most people were good about wearing their masks, but then we had to take them off to eat and I took mine off when I was on stage and speaking.
After 3 days of this, we drove over to Gainesville to park in the yard of our good friend Alex for the weekend, then we had an appointment to take the RV in for service on Monday. Since we had "been around people" I felt extra cautious about visiting with Alex. We would not go in her house. We only talked while sitting in our camp chairs outside. Then:

I sneezed!

OMG - I'm getting sick. I might have Covid. I need to quarantine. yada yada yada The only way to calm fears is to get tested. Jim and I had already agreed that we would get tested when we got back home, but Alex told us about another friend that got tested right here in Gainesville, so I called and made an appointment. We went in to the Urgent Care facility, they stuck a swab up both nostrils for each of us, and told us we would get a text message with results in 2-3 days. They were very professional, clean, friendly. I didn't sneeze once - I was already feeling better.

We still didn't go in the house, but we enjoyed our time at Alex's visiting with her and her Donkeys. And, it was SO nice to have some pretty photo ops. We are usually traveling all the time with tons of photo ops. For the last 6 months we've been home. I'm starting to know each and every flower all around our neighborhood!

Tuesday morning we got the text message from CareSpot - both of us are Negative. Whew!

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QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I usually sneeze at least once a day in the best of times. Dust, pepper when I'm cooking, fabric dust when I sew. Though back around the end of March I had the dry cough, lungs started feeling congested, realized one day I had a fever & slight sore throat. Of course in those days you couldn't get tested unless you had been to one of the hotspots. So, broke out the Extra Strength Tylenol (with aspirin), Mucinex and my homemade elderberry brew (elderberries, whole star anise, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, ginger, raw honey) and right a rain in about 3 days. Yes, I know in the early days of this thing "they" said no aspirin & no elderberry because that would only make it worse. I don't always listen to or believe everything "they" say. Especially since "they" didn't know any more about this Covid thing than I did at that point and I do know how effective my elderberry brew is.