Wednesday, October 01, 2003

RV Lessons

Well, it had to happen sometime, and I guess this is as good a time as any. We're having some problems with the RV. The air conditioning just stopped last Thursday. We had it looked at and determined that the problem was electrical. When we took off the cover for the breaker panel you could clearly see burnt wires ... NOT a good sign! We determined to take it to Fort Lauderdale RV Sales and Service first thing Monday morning. We have a couple other things that need to be done as well - install the Bilstein shocks, service the generator, and find a small water leak. They told us they would 'get right on it' since the RV is our home, but it still might take a couple days (and who knows how much money). So, thank goodness the house hasn't sold yet! We do have an 'almost-signed' contract on it though .. yeah! We grabbed all the computer stuff, a few clothes, all the food from the fridge, and moved back into the house for what we hope is just a couple days. The problem apparently has to do with plugging in the RV to power that wasn't sufficient. I'll see if I can get Jim to write the details. Bottom line, Jim ran right out and bought a little device that will test the line before you plug the RV in. Apparently this is something that every RV owner should have and you should never plug in until you've tested it first. OK - lesson 1 of 2,375!