Monday, May 29, 2023

Magic Health Elixir

What a difference drinking makes. 
Ever since I got my apple watch, and Jim got his oura ring, we've been tracking our sleep stats. I especially look at the stats called Sleep Fuel and Readiness. When those are high I know I'm going to have a good day. We've been learning the things to do in order to get a good night's sleep. 

Stop eating, drinking at least 2 hours before bed
Get some exercise during the day, preferably later
Wind down time-do nothing for an hour before bed -meditation. TV works for me. 
So, we've been home, with nothing but a few zoom or YouTube appointments. I've been following those 3 rules above and most of my sleep stats have been good. Heart rate 68, SPO2 95-100, overall sleep rating 90-96. But my Readiness and fuel are in the caution zone. And, I'm feeling extra stiff. That first trek down the stairs is painful. (think of the cockroach man in men in black)
What am I missing?
Oh yes ... Water. So yesterday I made sure to drink plenty of water. I still had my wine, just had water as well. My stats are better this morning - 98 overall. Sleep fuel is in the green, heart rate dip is 17% (20 is really good). And I'm not as stiff/sore. 
My Readiness is still in the yellow/caution zone but it's almost to the green. I attribute that to no exercise yesterday. Readiness had something to to with recovery rate and you need to have something to recover from! 
Water is the Elixir of life!