Sunday, November 17, 2019

Comfortable Anywhere

Chris is working on a remote class on Snapseed for tomorrow so she told me I had to make a post.
We're in beautiful Denver, Colorado for a couple more days before heading back to warm South Florida.

Chris and I were walking back to our airb&b from a fine experience at Tavern Lowry, even though the Dolphins lost (again.)

I was marveling at the fact we've done this all over the world.
Walking back to our temporary lodging or RV site from a sports bar or some foodie/drinkfest. What an incredible life we have! Are we citizens of the world, or what? Everything feels somehow familiar wherever we happen to be.

Where else in the world have we made this stroll together? In addition to every state in the lower 48 and parts of Alaska and Canada, the Bahamas, Ireland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turks and Caicos, Fiji, UK, France, Belgium, Cuba, Bonaire, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Cayman Islands, Australia, and New Zealand. Whew!

We presented a couple of sessions for the new Senior Planet Center in Denver about technology and Google Photos last Friday. It was fun. I say "we" but we all know Chris does all the work. She's an excellent teacher and had a receptive audience. She received some nice evaluations and autographed a bunch of her books, Mrs. Geek's Guide to Google Photos!
I love the Art Deco everywhere in the suite. I chose this place for the price and location. It is close walking distance to excellent food or 7-Eleven.

 Here are some shots from around Senior Planet.

The Rocket is on top of an Ice Cream Stand. It was art at Burning Man, we were told.

 Senior Planet is adjacent to Wings Over the Rockies Museum.

I plan on visiting.

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