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We've been keeping this blog since 2003.  Our business has been on the web since then as well.  We have steadily been growing our 'family' of websites. Lots of times we want to tell someone, "Oh, take a look at ____ on our website."  Ok, *which* website?  And, exactly *where*?

Business Stuff

Our Business is Technology Training for Travelers. We present live seminars all over the country at RV Rallies and Computer Clubs.  We have tutorial videos on a membership website - that's how we make our living!  And, we've written lots of articles about technology.

Fun Stuff
Chris' Youtube Channel
Jim's Youtube Channel
Kayak Diving
  Have I told you lately how much I love Kayak Diving?  (blog post)
  Video of Jim starting his dive off the kayak (small, old, video)
  Video of Chris getting back on kayak after the dive.
  Video of Chris pulling tank back into the kayak.MPG
  Video of Kayak Diving

Just Kayaking
  Paddling Georgia Veterans State Park
  Kayaking La Jolla Caves

Just Fun
  Hoosier Honey

RV Stuff
  Safari Class C

Computer Stuff
  7 Tips for Buying a New Computer
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