Friday, November 28, 2003

We had a very nice, traditional Thanksgiving day dinner at Jim's sister's home. 3 generations gathered, ate and watched football. Tradition is nice once in a while! Today it is 92 degrees outside according to the new indoor/outdoor thermometer that Jim bought. And, he's outside working on all sorts of projects. I think the RV is much more conducive to working on projects than the house ... the house was just too overwhelming. In a motorhome, everything is brought down to a more manageable size. And, I get to sit at the computer and do my work without thinking of all the projects I'm not doing! Here's Jim working away at taking fabric off the old couch that we took out so he can cover a cushion for the bench we have now in front of the computer. Cool. New furniture that looks like it came built-in with the coach. I'll take another photo when it's done.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving Day: and we have SO MUCH to be thankful for!! The house closed on monday!! Yippe, hooray and huzzaaah!! We have no idea what is coming next, but we're open for it all. We ordered our internet satellite dish from Datastorm, so we will soon be able to go on the road knowing that we will have an internet connection anywhere. We will even be able to just pull off into a rest area, raise the dish, and be on the web! We are still also committed to spreading the seeds of wireless internet in RV parks. Coach Connect is the company who installed the wireless in our current park and it has been working GREAT! We are developing a relationship with Coach Connect to sell and support their services. Looks good. I really want to add photos to this blog and be like Tioga and George!! But, it doesn't seem to be an option ... they are doing away with the 'blogspot plus' where you paid to have the extra feature of uploading photos because that is going to become a free feature ... BUT, it's not in the feature set yet, and, meanwhile you can't sign up for blogspot plus anymore. A real 'catch-22'.
Just in case you'd like to see the house that we left ... It was a great place to live for almost 10 years. We had lots of gatherings there ... But, 10 years is enough and we're ready for a new adventure in our COOL motorhome. We will miss the hot tub tho .. we will be partial to RV parks with jacuzzis since we had such a nice one at the house.
I went diving this morning while Chris put this together. Kind of choppy, only got one bug. This is great, Chris. I love you. note from Chris: Yes, I love you too! And, I think this deserves a photo so folks can see how you go kayak diving ...
Thanksgiving day: This seems a perfect time to start our new blog "Odie's Roadies" because we are so overwhelmingly thankful for our wonderful lives. We made a life decision in May of this year to sell our house, buy an RV and live on the road. We would make a living by setting up wireless internet in RV parks and performing other computer services. Well, the house closed on Monday of this week, we've been living in the RV in a Park in Fort Lauderdale for the last few months, and we're ready to take off!