Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Motels and Mermaids

We had a scheduled ‘gig’ at Royal Coachmen Resort on January 31.  We were provided an RV site for a couple of nights and we were supposed to present our “Technology for Travelers” seminar to their computer club and other interested residents.  No RV is no excuse!  We packed up the car and left Fort Lauderdale – spent 3-4 hours on the road and pulled into Royal Coachmen in Nokomis, Florida about 4 in the afternoon.  After meeting with our contacts, and checking out the room where we would be setting up, we went in search of a motel.  Google maps indicated that the closest one was Nokomis Inn and Suites, and it was cheap too – $62.  At least it was cheap for a motel.  It’s hard to compare anything to the $0-25 that we’re used to spending for parking our RV for the night!

Our visit to Royal Coachmen came about because of Carol and Chuck Genrich.  They told us that they’ve attended our seminars at FMCA rallies over many years, and all over the country!  Pomona, CA; Perry, GA; St. Paul, MN; Indianapolis, IN – and maybe more I forgot they mentioned.  They always learn something and they’ve been wanting to invite us to their winter home here in Florida.  Everyone we met told us, “We’ve heard so much about you from Carol and Chuck, we’re really looking forward to your presentation tomorrow!”  Wow – the pressure was on!  Royal Coachmen is one of those snowbird resorts in Florida where you’ll never get bored.  In addition to their very active computer club, there is Volleyball, Bocce Ball, Bicycling, hiking, and tennis – just to name a few. 

After we got checked into our motel, we went back to Royal Coachmen as Carol and Chuck had invited us to the evening’s entertainment.  A Righteous Brothers tribute duo called Soul and Inspiration.  They were wonderful.  Check it out – we turned the video recorder on our iPad for this one amazing song:


The next day we had a great group for our seminar.  They gave us a full two hours so we could easily take questions, and they had a lot of them.  This is SO the right way to do seminars … being invited by someone who knows us and promotes us to their group.  It’s so friendly and so rewarding.  The next day they had a craft fair, and gave us a table where we could talk to people and sign them up for Geeks on Tour Membership.  By the time we left, we had 17 new members and nearly 60 newsletter subscribers.  Thanks Carol and Chuck!


When we were done at Royal Coachmen, we had a couple of days to kill before our next gig at Riverside RV park in Arcadia, FL.  Once again, we were hoping we would have our RV back, so we first drove up to Lazydays in Tampa to check on it.  We had been told that the work was being completed on Thu-Fri, so maybe we could get it on Saturday.  But, no, it was parked on a back lot for the weekend and it was scheduled for the completion Monday morning.  We were going to need a motel for another couple of nights.

The SE Area FMCA rally was going on this weekend in Brooksville, FL – just an hour away, so we decided to go and say hello to lots of friends there, and especially Phil and Tracey from TechnoRV.  We did run into several friends right away, then we spent the rest of the evening with Phil, Tracey, and their daughter Ally.  It was so good catching up with them after many months of them being in England.  The conversation … and the wine … flowed.

After leaving Brooksville, we looked at the map and noticed how close we were to Weeki Wachee Springs – a Florida landmark attraction that we’ve been meaning to visit.  I remember seeing the mermaids there when I was a little girl.  We checked in to the Motel 6 directly across the street.  Then we took a day to play tourist and watch the mermaids.  It was great.  If you think that Florida is just Disney World and Miami Beach, you are missing so much!  The natural crystal-clear springs are all over the north and central part of the state.  Here is a view of the springs from above.  The bubbles are from the air hoses used by the mermaids to breathe underwater.


And, here’s a mermaid!


They put on two different shows: The Little Mermaid, and Fish Tales.  We saw them both!



We also took advantage of the River Boat ride and saw bald eagles and alligators.


The mermaid shows, as well as the boat ride, and an animal show are all included in the low $13 price of admission.  If you’re ever on the west/central coast of Florida – Weeki Wachee is a must see!


Aaron Moreau-Cook said...

My two year old and four year old girls would agree, Weeki Wachee is a must see! We were there a few weeks ago and both girls were overjoyed.

Another fun adventure is to rent a canoe and go down the Weeki Wachee river, only $35.

Jan Mains said...

When I was in grade school in Jacksonville, we used to visit my grandmother in St. Petersburg. We would pass that everytime. I've never stopped. I must put that on my bucket list.

GMF said...

I know it may be a sore spot but please keep us informed on your motor home slide repair..
Thanks Garry

And yes I love the Florida springs..
Haven't been to that one put it on the list..