Thursday, February 17, 2005

Greetings from the London Bridge

No, we didn't take another plane trip. The London Bridge currently lives in Lake Havasu City in Arizona! Driving over it, you can't really tell much. But, there are some nice walks you can take beside and underneath. We're here because we're visiting a Coach Connect park called Crazy Horse Campgrounds. You'd expect, since we're worker bees, that they'd give us a site out in the back 40 by the dumpsters. Hah! Feast your eyes on this site, waterfront no less. We even had our own dock. Wouldn't you know we left the kayak in Quartzsite. Well, we'll just have to come back! Since we were looking west across the water, I waited till later to take more photos. What a pretty view and sunset. I snapped a few more photos and went back inside. Jim was outside cooking some steaks on the grill when he said, "Chris, you've got to come out here." Oh My God .... either the world is coming to an end in one gigantic fire, or this is one of the most spectacular sunsets I've ever seen.

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Anonymous said...

The americans where expexting to get Tower Bridge but they asked for London Bridge thinking that was Tower Bridge they got the shock of their lives when we gave them a crappy old bridge that was falling down.