Sunday, June 22, 2003


Another new experience! Cooking dinner and trying my damndest to only cook what we're going to eat! We're spending our second night in "OhBoy" in the RV park. Our first night we shared a cookout with the other 'workcampers'. Fun. Tonight I went to the grocery store. (It is very obvious that we want to have a car for this adventure - so, gotta tow) I only bought a few things - no more full carts - two rolls of toilet paper, not the economy 8 pack. Then I came home (to OhBoy) and only put as much linguine in the pot that I thought we would actually eat. I did a pretty good job actually - no left overs. I even made the salad in our individual bowls instead of a big salad bowl ... less to wash too! Jim spent all day working on the wireless network for the campground. All is going great! I'm typing this on the laptop in the RV. Not only does the internet connection work ... it's really fast. Works good. There are a couple other workcampers that we've met and look forward to seeing more. Cool. I spent much of the day back at the old house cleaning up some more. We listed the house on Thursday for 209,000. Other houses in the neighborhood are up for 259, 269 and 213 - so we have a pretty good chance of selling quick. Some people came by unexpectedly today tho ... it was embarrassing how messy/dirty it was. Yep! Time to move!

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