Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Last Gypsy Journal Rally

No, I'm not talking about a rally just past, I'm talking about this rally.  Nick Russell announced in his blog today that there will be no more Gypsy Journal Rallies.  I'm so glad we're here to experience and enjoy their final party.  It's been a great ride - we've been to all 5 of the Eastern Rallies, and one in Casa Grande, AZ.

Our site at at the Mercer County Fairgrounds and the Gypsy Journal Rally

Phil and Tracey are here too.  Here's Phil checking his calendar on the iPad to find a date for our next TechnoGeek Learning Rally

Our seminar Room
  The Gypsy Journal Rally feels more like family than work.  We figured this was the perfect place to try out a couple of new seminar titles.  So many of the people here have been to past Gypsy Journal Rallies and already seen our seminars.  So, instead of a Picasa Overview, we presented Organizing your Pictures with Picasa.  This is a topic that has been fermenting in my head for a few years!  The main thing it needed was a sample set of pictures that would enable us to make the points necessary.  I stayed up till late gathering those pictures and organizing them in a way that needed REorganizing!  I'm happy with how the seminar turned out, but you can bet I'll still keep tweaking it.  It's what I do!

Today, we'll be teaching another new title: Blogs for Groups and Business websites.  I didn't spend quite as much time working on this one because we just had to go see the entertainment last night.  We met Melissa and Larry Beahm several years ago, here at the Gypsy Journal Rally and have continued to follow them as friends on Facebook.  They are very accomplished musicians and put on a fun show.  Here's a bit of video I put together from last night's performance.

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Odie said...

Melissa and Larry are fun performers.