Saturday, October 12, 2013

Geeks go Diving

Ahhhhh a vacation in Paradise!  Actually it's Bonaire, NA (Netherland Antilles)  That's an island just off the coast of Venezuela in what's known as the Dutch Caribbean.  It is well-known among scuba divers and that's why we went!  We stayed at the Divi Flamingo resort.

It was Jim's old dive buddy, Jimmy Lyon who told us about the trip organized by his local dive shop up in New Jersey - American Diving Supply.  The timing worked, so we signed up.  These two have been diving together for nearly 40 years!

Here's some video that Jim edited from our First Day of diving in Bonaire.

We had a beautiful sunset almost every night.  And lots of other opportunities for taking pretty pictures.

Great trip!  Lots more pictures on our Web Album. And Jim is editing more video too ... coming soon.


Bill Osborne said...

This is a great video. Really enjoyed watching it.

David Cross said...

Loved it. Looks like a lot of fun.