Friday, July 03, 2015

Jet Lag

It's 4am and I am wide awake! That's what happens when you've been in England for the last 2 weeks and now we're back in Florida! It's 5 hours later in England ... that's 9am. Do I force myself to go back to sleep? Or take advantage of the awake, quiet time?
One of the things waiting for us in the mail when we got back home was the book made by Blog2Print of our 2007 year. I've been making books of this blog for every year, just in case something should ever happen to this web version AND because I love thumbing thru these beautiful coffee table books. Blog2Print also give me the ability to show a flip-book on a website. Not sure how that looks so let's try it ... be patient, this will take a while to load I'm sure.

I so enjoy thumbing thru the books of past years of this blog. I notice that my writing wasn't always in full episodes of our travels, sometimes I just posted one paragraph about something silly. I am re-committing to writing in here again, I will go back and write posts for what I've missed.  If anyone tries to follow us by reading this blog, they think we're still in New Mexico. The last entry is from April in Faywood Hot Springs, New Mexico. It is now July and we've completed the cross country drive back to our home in Fort Lauderdale with one rally and several enjoyable stops along the way, gone scuba diving, taken the grandkids to Orlando, and had an action-packed two week trip to England and Belgium. I really must write about it! I will want to print the book for 2015 someday and I don't want there to be a big blank spot!
We've been busy. So busy I just haven't been capable of doing everything AND writing about it, so I just do it! That is the important part after all. And Facebook makes it so easy to post pictures and short stories that I don't feel the urgency to write in the blog. Jim suggests I use my Facebook posts to fill in the blanks in the blog ... good idea!
But, now that I'm awake at 4am, I have time to do that :-)
Together, Jim and I took over 2,000 pictures while in England and Belgium. Going thru all of them and picking the ones I want to share is another overwhelming task! Luckily the new Google Photos was released just before we left for our trip and it does all the heavy lifting for me. Without my lifting a finger, Google delivered this "Story" that puts together 315 pictures, video clips, and maps into a total coverage of the trip.  I still need to go thru everything myself, but this is pretty cool. Just click on it to open, then keep clicking the right arrow at the right edge to flip thru the pages. When you see a video you can play it, then click the Back arrow - not the browser's back arrow, the back arrow on the top left of the story itself - to return to the story.

June 17, 2015 • 14 days • 315 moments

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Sue Malone said...

Loved your trip. I also love thumbing through my Blog2Print year books. Like you, I have discovered that my writing and photography has definitely evolved over the years. Reading the books has helped me to commit to being more thorough in documenting our travels.

Steve and Karen said...

Glad to have you two safely back on this side of the pond again.
Chris, the Book to Print currently isn't working currently in the blog above.

Gail said...

I am so happy that you have decided to write more in your blog like you used to do. I know how much time you spend doing your other writing and projects for your seminars and your weekly shows and that there really is just so much time. Plus the new Google Pictures Assistant does help...but, nothing like your own touch and enjoyable commentaries. Look forward to more.