Tuesday, October 20, 2015


The name of my high school was Nova. I graduated in 1971. One of my classmates, Alex Segal, has been adept at keeping in touch with high school friends. Alex now lives in a rural community, just west of Gainesville, Florida called Melrose. She puts out the word of a get-together and lots of people show up! It is called NovaPalooza!
She has enough property that there is plenty of space for us to park our RV in her yard. Such a treat!

We had some very talented musicians in our high school class, and 40 some odd years later, they are still at it. Alex set up a stage in her yard, and our parking spot gave us front row seats, from our living room couch!
41 years is a long time. Here is a picture of me with Steve and Karl in 1970 and now, in 2015. Can you even tell who is who?
This was the second time we have attended a NovaPalooza, so we knew the quality of the music, and Jim was prepared! He used our familiar technology (Google Hangouts On Air) to live stream the entire evening so that classmates who could not be in attendance, could also see and hear the party!
Great fun!
One of these days, we'll do some editing. Meanwhile, here is some raw footage:

We love you Alex!

After everyone left, the stage was still set up. And, our home and office was still parked there! So, when it came time to do our Sunday Show "What Does This Button Do?" we decided to use the stage, and invite anyone still hungover to join us!

And, here's the whole show:

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