Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Walmart giveth, Indiana taketh away

The only thing that is a drawback about traveling in our new, little Roadtrek RV is that we don't have a towed car with us. It's not that difficult to stow the contents, unplug the electric and drive away, but you gotta really want to. It needs to be important. When we're parked at a rally we like to stay put unless it's something really important.

We were at the Indianapolis rally for 5 days. I guess we need to learn to stock more wine! We ran out the night before the last day. We still showed up to the Roadtrek group's happy hour and we bummed a glass of wine! The next day, we stayed till late afternoon because there was a really good Verizon signal there and we needed to record our weekly "What does this Button Do?" class. (You can see it here: Beginner's Questions on Smartphones 7/16/17)

I don't know if it looks like it, but doing that live show is quite a bit of work and it's stressful. Therefore, we always reward ourselves after a show is done (whether it went well or not!) by celebrating with a glass of champagne. We had none. No champagne. No wine. No beer. Nothing to celebrate, reward, or relax with. And, everyone else was gone, we couldn't go begging.

Well, it was time to hit the road anyway, and we needed to do grocery shopping. We went to Walmart. We've been to enough Walmarts to know that some stock beer and wine, and some don't. We were taking our chances. It's probably state laws, we don't delve into it that much.  In this Walmart, we were quite excited to see that they not only had wine but also liquor. We stocked up! Our next destination was a small rally with RVers who belonged to the Fulltimers group, or the Elks. We are part of this group, we would not be working during this rally, just partying! I even picked up supplies for my favorite partying cocktail, Seagram's 7 and ginger ale.

Satisfied with our full grocery cart, we made our way to the checkout. The clerk took a look at our haul and informed us, "Sorry we can't sell you alcohol on Sunday."

How dry I am.

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