Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Between Rallies, President Lincoln, Outdoor YouTube show

We had a few days in between rallies, so I used the Roadtrippers app to find something fun to do. The Lincoln Presidential museum was right on the way. We've been there before (we've been to ALL the official presidential museums, but Lincoln's was one of the best, and we were happy to visit again. We found a fairgrounds RV park within bike-riding distance. Cool!

At the time, Lincoln was not held in the high regard that we have for him today;

This animated exhibit makes it appallingly clear how many people died during the Civil war. I don't know how Lincoln could sleep at night, and he was already prone to depression.

We had fun with our cool little electric bikes. Thoroughly enjoyed the Lincoln museum, and found a great little place for lunch.

Our site was walking distance to Lincoln's tomb, so we did that too.

And, just hanging out at our site was nice. Notice the cell tower in the background? So did we! Blazing fast Verizon internet, so we decided to hang around one more day and do our What Does This Button Do? show from outside the RV.

The only problem was wind. Usually, just a little bit of wind makes it impossible to get good sound. This wind was blowing things over, but Jim's new Zoom microphone with the "dead cat" cover did a great job. Here's the episode:

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