Sunday, December 30, 2018

2018 goes out with a ROAR

We had nice quiet holidays at home. Always the perfect hostess, Jim's sister Debbie, held a wonderful Christmas day brunch at their place.

A couple days later we gave in to our itchy feet and got the Roadtrek on the road. We didn't go far, just about an hour away to a KOA that is attached to Lion Country Safari. It's a treat to go to sleep to the roar of Lions! But, mostly, we just have a need to sleep in our little cocoon.

I love the giraffes and how there is a platform so you can get up close and personal with them

Zebra butts - no two alike

Keep on Going

As it turned out, we didn't want to go back home after only one night out! Surprised? So we contacted our friends Chris and Cherie ( who are living on their boat and currently docked in Sanford, about 3 hours up the road.
Perfect. It's always fun to get together with them and geek out a bit. We all love using our phones for photographs.

We didn't bother finding a campground. One thing we adore about our little camper van is that we're comfortable in just about any parking lot. So we can be right where we want to be when we wake up in the morning.
Chris and Cherie are well known in the RV community. Their business website is THE go-to place for the most in-depth information on staying connected as you travel. They are also social media super-stars, with a business YouTube channel of more than 10,000 subscribers, and the personal YouTube channel with over 57,000!. They were recently chosen to host a new TV show on Public Television called The RVers. This should be good! It will be produced by the same folks that did The Aviators. The production will all be handled by an extremely talented group of professional video editors, but Chris and Cherie figure they still need to up their game on original footage, so they practiced on us while we were there. Jim admits to some gadget-envy seeing Chris' new phone camera grip and gimbal, called a Movi. Especially cool that you could use it for hand-held, or a stable platform to set it down.

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Sue Malone said...

That was fun. That little van of yours looks especially sweet. Will look forward to the RV show seeing that it is scheduled to air in December of 2019. Should be fun to watch, especially for those of us who have followed them for years.