Tuesday, July 30, 2019

June and July recap

Time goes faster when you're sitting still. When we're traveling and moving we make each day count, we can see the passage of time with each passing view. When we're home, the days, weeks, months, just fly by. We've been home for 2 whole months. I think that's a record since we first became RVers in 2004.
We've done a lot, and accomplished a lot. I just didn't see any reason to write in the blog. Now we're getting ready to head out on our late summer teaching tour and I need to write something in here before we go.
I do still keep up my photo albums, so I can tell by looking there what we've done!
June Photo Album
We enjoyed our wonderful back yard and hot tub, as well as walks around the neighborhood. I couldn't pass the Royal Poinciana trees without taking a picture, and the iguanas are remarkable - not in a good way, but remarkable nonetheless.
We attended our Toastmasters group where we have been members since the mid 90s. Many of the same people are still there and we consider it more of a social benefit than anything else. We did both give a couple of speeches though, and always learn something.
We did our What Does This Button Do shows

Then came July. Once again, I rely on my photo album to know what we did. And, Jim wrote about our Wedding anniversary spent on the beach!

July 2019 Photo Album

That's just some of the photos, click the link to see them all.
We were SO thrilled to get out kayak diving. It is our very favorite thing to do but it takes a lot of energy, and perfect weather. I was afraid that we'd spend the whole summer without getting out, but no - mini lobster season forced us to gather the energy and the weather cooperated beautifully. We also went out for a boat dive because Alvin and Lisa were in town and going diving. Alvin and Lisa are people we met on the Aggressor dive boat last summer in Grand Cayman. We have since made arrangements to meet up with them and go diving on another Aggressor ... in the Maldives!! next March/April.
Other big events for the month were cleaning out our storage unit ... we actually turned in the keys!
Then we kept on going and as we were going thru all those boxes, we also went thru closets and drawers at home. Something comes in, something else has to go out! Whaddayaknow, we're actually moving in!
One of the things in the storage unit were old VHS tapes. We took a few to Costco and used their digitizing services to convert the tapes to DVD's, THEN!! ... with just a click of a button, those videos appeared in our Google Photos.

  1. Wedding - includes party before, fireworks after, party months later, and John Glenn shuttle launch
  2. Chris teaches WordPerfect in 1989
  3. Turkey travels in 1999
And, we did our What Does This Button Do youtube shows
  1. Episode 170 - Google Photos
  2. Episode 171 - Backup photos to OneDrive for a second backup
  3. Episode 172 - Hodgepodge of tips
Ok, gotta go now. 
Really - we're packing the RV and heading out day after tomorrow.

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