Monday, January 20, 2020

I have learned a few things about teaching technology

We taught a 3 hour, hands on, class today. 12 people with a mixture of iPhones and Android devices learned how to take a good picture with their phone and then how to make it better by editing with Google photos and Snapseed.
It went great!
I was surprised.

I have specific sample photos to demonstrate editing features of Google Photo and Snapseed. It works great for showing off the features in the best light, and I figured a hands-on class needed to give them the sample photos, but it's hard to do. First you have to figure a way to transfer the photos to the students. Then you have to work with the dates so the photos show up at the top of their photos. I just decided to ignore the samples for this class and people used their own photos and had a great time. One person even said, "I think my photo is an award winner now - Snapseed is great!"

  • You can throw a lot at people, I've learned that building blocks are over-rated.
  • Just need simple, bullet style notes
  • Give them time to play/discover on their own, no need for detailed exercises
Here's the handout for this class. It took 3 hours with a 10-15 minute break.

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