Monday, October 05, 2020

September was Book Launch month

 I got 'er done.

We sold about 230 on our special, spiral bound deal, and they're also selling on Amazon. About 150 there so far. 
I think Jim actually likes doing the work. Here's a little video on how he does the spiral binding.

Our Book Launch special was a spiral-bound, autographed book AND a voucher for an online workshop with me over zoom. The books are all bound and mailed and I've given 2 workshops so far. I think they went pretty well. Got lots more to go.
Here's a screenshot of my class today

We're off to a small RV rally in N Florida tomorrow. This is a major adventure considering we've barely been out of the house since mid March - that's over 6 months.

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Pasquale A Castaldo said...

Great job Chris! I was so happy to be able to part the workshop. I look forward to any future workshops you may host.