Monday, January 18, 2021

Real people! We presented seminars at the Tampa RV Supershow

 Months ago, we got a call from the organizers of the Tampa RV Supershow asking if we would present our seminars there. We thought for sure the Covid pandemic would be under control by the January date, so we said sure. Meanwhile, cases spiked and we expected the show to be cancelled. But they didn't. hmmm what to do? Well, we were only obligated for one hour seminar each day. We would be staying in our RV, and we decided it would be safe enough. A seminar room that normally would hold about 200 people was socially distanced to accomodate only 100.

It was SOO nice to have a real, live, audience! We gave our seminar called "Maps and Apps for RV Trip Planning." We gave it at 10am each day for the 5 days of the show and LOVED it. This is what we do! Here is the link to all of the material we used: Tampa RV Supershow seminar

Other than our seminar times, we did a little bit of bike riding, then just stayed "home." Jim cooked wonderful meals. This is lobster fried rice!

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