Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Forest and ocean

In 2019 we started our tour with ocean and forest - Gamble Rogers Florida state park and Santee S Carolina state park., this year we're ending with it, Santee then Anastasia.
Such nice places! AND - we've come to a decision about staying in nice places for at least 2 nights. Unless we're in 'gotta-get-there' mode, 2 nights means we get to enjoy being there, not just passing through.

Santee State Park, North Carolina - the Forest

We stayed deep in beautiful forests here. Since we had just taught a session about how cool it is for Google Photos to make sweet little movies - that's what I did with the pictures and videos from our stay at Santee.

Anastasia State Park, Florida - the Ocean

This one has trees AND ocean. We scored the site that is closest to the ocean - it's still a walk - so we actually got up for sunrise to get some nice photos.

And, here's another little movie.

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