Monday, October 17, 2022

A sociable week and new teeth

 Monday: Date night We started October off right by going to our favorite restaurant - Cooper's Hawk. It's also a winery and we joined the club to get one bottle each month. It gives us an excuse to go.

Friday: Next up, my old high school friend, Leslie Golay - now Leslie Sheffield, invited us out on a boat ride . YES! She and her husband, Rich were great hosts. We went up the intracoastal and out the Hillsboro Inlet for a little bit of ocean time. Then, on the way back we stopped at Cap's Place - a historic, accessible by boat only, bar-restaurant.

Monday: Then came Jim's sister, Debbie's birthday - we're the same age, so it was a little preview of what's to come for me at 70! Nice party. 70 is the new 50 doncha know!

But wait, there's more ...

Tuesday: Gone with the Wynn's meetup in Miami

Jason and Nikki Wynn - aka "Gone with the Wynns" have a very popular YouTube channel about living on a sailboat and traveling around the world. We met them when they were RVers and have kept in touch. We were actually hoping to meet up wiht them in New Zealand - but Miami will have to do for now!

Friday: Dinner with Christine Hall who lives in Thailand

I knew Christine back in the 80s when she took classes at my training center, Computer Savvy. I always remember her because she was the most determined student I ever had. We kept in touch somehow and ended up friends on facebook as I followed her travels and actually settling in Chiang Mai Thailand. I would love to visit her there someday, but when I saw that she was visiting Fort Lauderdale, I jumped right on email and asked if we could get together for dinner. Our conversation could have easily lasted many more hours than dinner! She has continued her interest in technology as well as travel. She even introduced me to a tech group message board for expats in Chiang Mai - cool!

Sunday: Dinner with best old friends, Chris and Richard

It seemed appropriate - Chris and I became friends back in 1984 when I first moved back to Florida. We belonged to a group called "Week of the Ocean" and the group met every week at Coconuts restaurant on the water. Wow! It's gotten a LOT busier over the years.

New teeth

You may never have noticed my crooked and discolored teeth, but I did. I wasn't interested in going thru the time and work of braces, but when my dentist said she could give me a new smile in a couple of weeks with 4 crowns and a little bit of filing, I said yes. I justify the $4,000 as my birthday present for my 70th birthday. I love having new teeth! It helps me feel younger.

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