Sunday, November 27, 2022

Thanksgiving Family Cruise

 We've only been on a few cruises and they've all included Jim's sister, Debbie. The last one was over 12 years ago, so when she asked if we would go on a Thanksgiving week Carribbean cruise, we said sure!

The adventure started with the ride to Port of Miami. We crowded 6 people and lots of luggage in an SUV when we had hoped for a big van. Oh well, we can manage for the 45 minutes - 1 hour that it should take. 

Crowded but happy - on our way. That's Jim's nephew Stephen and his wife, Sarah

err, make that 3 hours! It was raining - to put it mildly - and the tunnel to the cruise ship area was closed. The streets were flooded and traffic was at a standstill. At one point we could actually see the cruise ship, but it still took us nearly 2 hours to get there.

Really on our way now

The ship skipped the stop in the Bahamas because the weather was still bad, but it cleared up by the time we got to the Carribbean islands and we took our one excursion to go snorkeling in St. Thomas. That was fun, even if it was a very crowded sailboat.

Food, food, and more food! That's the biggest decision on a cruise ship: which restaurant should we eat in tonight?

I especially liked the eggplant parmesan and asked the waiter if I could get the recipe. He said, "sure, what's your room number?" 9262 The next morning, after breakfast, we went back to the room and there it was!

We saw one play - the Choir of Man (#choirofman) It was great fun! Just like being on Broadway.


I loved having a balcony. How do I bring this home?

Of course, the reason for the cruise was spending time with family. A good time was had by all.

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