Wednesday, August 23, 2023

We're in the Bahamas - that means diving!

 No way we were going to the Bahamas and not go diving. We arranged 3 more nights at the Golden Palms B&B and booked 2 days of diving with Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas. They've been around a long time. We've gone diving elsewhere with people who worked at Stuart Cove's and I think they've given presentations at our dive club in the past. Anyway, it was an easy choice when we decided to go diving in the Bahamas. The only other time we dove near Nassau was on the liveaboard Blackbeards

They picked us up at the B&B and took us to the boat.

I thought it was interesting that they only took credit cards or online payments. What a different world it is than the one I grew up in! The Bahamas has it's own dollar, but apparently it is pegged to the US dollar because we did not need to change any money. We used American dollars and gave the number that was quoted wherever we went - except here😂. 

We had nice weather, and not too many divers on board, so it was relaxed. We did reefs and wrecks. I'm not a huge fan of diving wrecks, but these were more interesting than most. We had sharks on every dive, and at least one turtle. So good to get in the water!

Dives we did. Day 1: 20 pumpkin patch, 25 mikes reef, Day 2- 17 twin sisters, 26 the ridge- wall next to tongue of the ocean. Numbers come from the image above. 
Here's the gps marker from Jim's dive computer/watch. Showing Aug 22 Dive at Twin Sisters dive site near tongue of the ocean! Jim tells a story about his first wall dive back in the 70s - on tongue of the ocean.

And, here's a video Jim put together on his Pixel phone - this was his first dive using the underwater housing for his phone.

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