Sunday, December 31, 2023

Happy New Year!

 Jim and I are very fortunate to be healthy, to have each other, to have a passion for our work, and to be able to travel. Life is good.

What a year! 2023 saw us travel to Indonesia for a dive trip, London for a Google Product Experts Summit, RVing up and down the east coast to Jim's High School reunion and back, and the Bahamas twice, once with friends for diving with Hammerhead sharks and again for a Toastmasters convention. 

We've slowed way down in going to RV rallies and teaching. We only did 2 little ones this year, one in Georgia and one in Florida. Still have a lot of fun RVing and teaching our seminars, we don't plan to ever quit completely. We did stay home for a good stretch this summer, enough for Jim to get a new hip and learn how to use it. Although, it didn't take any time at all. He was at the hospital at 7am and home by 2:30. He used his walker for all of 2 days before he felt just fine. Now he's a bionic geek!

We've replaced RV Rallies with our YouTube channel for teaching. This year we blew past the 10,000 subscribers milestone. If you haven't seen one of our live-streams, check it out. Jim has learned a LOT about using studio production tools for making it look really good.

Now we're home in Fort Lauderdale for the holidays and resting up before taking a Hawaii Cruise for Jim's 70th birthday in January. We have 13 people going all totaled, some family and friends and some Geeks on Tour friends. 

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday and a Fun New Year. 

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