Thursday, May 01, 2003

Making Websites

Two more people today talked about me doing their web page. I've got to get going on this! Had an appointment this morning with an artist to help make our own web page look good. He got excited with the idea of a 'comic book' theme. I kinda like it too - but only if it can also be elegant and professional as well as fun. I certainly couldn't accomplish that, but maybe he can. So, I'm looking at other sites and it's amazing how different 'comic-books' can be. I like the callout graphic at, I'm not sure if I like the green color. I don't like the all caps and stars at DC Comics or the angry/mean look of the superheroes. I like the callout alphabet at this site. I kinda like how Garfield is standing over the top of his web page here, and also how he's coming out the the computer. Oh, and there's a drawing of garfield's buddie Odie here. Notice the nameplate that he's standing on, I like that. On this page there's a font I like - the button 'Cartoons'. Hmmmm - I think maybe the Archie comics has about the right flavor? On a totally different note, here's a website that I like because it is so clean and simple, yet so full of good stuff. It's the South Florida Underwater Photographer's site. I think a main difference between them and us tho - is that it's pretty clear what they are there for. Guld Systems needs to do a lot more explaining. Or do we? The hardest thing is to make something simple ... maybe that is what we really need to work on.

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