Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cell Phone update

A couple weeks ago I wrote about our cell phone bill. I got a lot of email on that, *all* in favor of sticking with Verizon. That was enough for me. The rollover minutes with Cingular/AT&T aren't enough to tip the scale. We're sticking with Verizon because the coverage and service IS better among our circle of friends and business contacts anyway - and that's what counts. I still want to reduce our monthly bill. It's silly to pay for 1400 minutes/month when we only use 4-800. Unfortunately, the next step down is 700. I wish they had a 900 plan, that would be perfect. They did offer me a 'promotion' of 1500 'bonus' minutes. That should work pretty well. So, I switched to 700 minutes/month and re-upped for another year contract. If we go over 700, we'll dip into the 1500 bonus minutes rather than going over the contract. That will give us enough leeway to make it work.

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