Friday, May 11, 2007

Domestic Period

We are fulltime RVers, but we're not doing too much traveling at the moment, as I'm sure you've noticed! I'm getting my traveling fix by watching the Blogs of other RVing friends like Gundyville and Diandy. The Gundys are traveling thru Wyoming and Montana, visiting places that we've been and their blog is evoking my memories. Diane and Andy are in New Mexico, but seeing places we didn't go to. I'm making mental notes to add these places to our itinerary next time we're there. It's good to have a 'domestic' period, I guess. We're spending some time with family. It's amazing to see little AJ grow so fast. He's starting to crawl. On a daily basis, Jim is 'workcamping' in the office here at the park. That's great because it means we have no site fees. And, I need this kind of time to concentrate on learning Coldfusion. That's the web programming language that I use to make dynamic websites. It's not easy and I need focused, concentrated time to build my skills. We're also making some changes in the motorhome. We've always been envious of RVers who have pantries! We've been putting our canned goods in the space underneath the dinette bench. Lynne suggested that the linen closet next to the shower would make a good pantry. hmmmm, ok. Then, where do we put the towels? Jim mounted this nice little rack behind the toilet. We are going to take a little road trip this weekend. Susan and Jim, who attended our seminars at the FMCA convention in Georgia, invited us to come visit. They have a house with an RV 'port' in a big park in Titusville called The Great Outdoors. We're looking forward to seeing it. And, since this happens to be Mother's Day weekend, my Mom is going with us! Let this be a lesson to you. If you invite us to visit ... we do!

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