Sunday, January 17, 2010

Computer Boot Camp at Holiday Travel Resort

We just noticed that the Computer Boot Camp that we're doing at Holiday Travel Resort in Leesburg, FL is *FULL.*


Wow - and we had nothing to do with it!  Other than promising to show up and present the class - all the promotion and arrangements were handled by the computer club at the resort, and primarily a special Geeks on Tour member, Roxie Marston.


Thanks Roxie!


We’ve given this class several times.  When we offer it at the FMCA Conventions – it fills up quick (20 is full for this hands-on class).  But, at smaller rallies we’ve held the class for 4 – 12 people.  Here is a post that tells all about the Computer Boot Camp.


Randy and Pam Warner said...

I've already had the benefit of your help through your forum and newsletter but still have a lot to learn and would love to be one of those 'helpers' at your bootcamp.

When will you guys be heading west?

Chris said...

We will be in Oregon in August for the FMCA convention in Redmond. Other than that, everything else is keeping us in the east.

Whistler RV Park said...

What a great idea to service RV guests with a Technology bootcamp. We have many campers encounter problems with technology on the road. If you are ever doing a north bound RV trip up the west coast perhaps you would consider dropping in Whistler RV Park & Campground in BC Canada.


J. McCartney