Saturday, January 30, 2010

Holiday Travel Resort, an Active Community

I mentioned in my last post that this park had a lot of activities … here’s some photos:


People playing tennis


Volleyball every day.


The indoor pool had water aerobics class earlier.  We were just interested in the spa!


And, of course, the computer club is why we were here.  We had excellent attendance for all of our seminars.


Here’s Roxie, who put it all together.


We had a great week.  Check out the website for the HTR Computer Club and some more photos of our seminars this week. 


It’s making us think more about how we should build relationships with Computer Clubs.  The Palm Creek computer club is using our videos for post meeting tutorials … good idea!  See their blog post about it here.


Now we’ve moved back to Thousand Trails, Orlando for the weekend.  Getting ready for the FMCA SouthEast Area Rally in Brooksville next week.

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The Popeye Express said...

Great picture of Roxie. Please say "Hello" to her for me. I'm totally green with envy & can hardly wait until April has come & gone. Have fun everyone!