Monday, December 13, 2010

Beautiful Day in South Florida

In the morning, Jim went for a kayak dive.  Check out the video to see why Fort Lauderdale can be such a great place to be.

Then, Mom and I went to her Society of Women Geographers meeting at Sandy and Georgia’s home in Coral Gables (South Miami.)  We’ve been there before and we always know we’re in for a treat with the gorgeous garden.  Georgia Tasker was the garden writer for the Miami Herald for nearly 40 years and now works for Fairchild Gardens.  And Sandy grows award-winning orchids.  There were too many pictures to post individually, so here’s a slide show: (if you click on the slide show it will take you to my Picasa Web Album where you can see the pictures full screen)

I’m sure glad we enjoyed Sunday’s weather because it’s cold today and getting even colder tomorrow.  They say it may be freezing.

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marymay said...

The sound on the kayaking video really adds to the experience! Your photos of the gardens are awesome, as usual!