Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

On the Jetties at Port Everglades, many people gather to view the cruise
ships going by.  This is the Allure of the Seas, the largest of all the ships.
It was Christmas Day, complete with Santa Claus!

We had a very odd day for Christmas, but - all in all, I'd call it quite special.  Both Jim and I had caught colds.  I was on the downhill slide, but he was still in the thick of being sick.  We were supposed to pick up my Mom and his Dad and drive up to his sister's house in West Palm.  Although we could have taken an Alka Seltzer Plus and felt ok enough to go, I didn't want our gift to everyone to be a cold! So, we called and cancelled and went back to bed.
When we did finally get up, we decided to watch a movie.  We had a Netflix DVD that had been hanging around for a couple weeks with no time to watch it.  The movie was 'The King's Speech' - wow!  it deserves all the accolades and awards it got last year, it really was a great movie.  And a 'feel-good' movie too.  I love movies.  I think it is my favorite treat to stay home and watch a good movie with my sweetie. So, even though we were sick, I was feeling pretty good.
By the time the movie was over, we were fully awake and took advantage of the time to go over some business stuff that we also haven't had any time for.  We are giving our seminars to a whole new audience next month.  We are booked for the Florida Association of Computer User Groups (FACUG) annual conference on board a cruise ship.  We will be presenting two topics: Picasa, and Smart Phones.  We've given our Picasa seminar hundreds of times but the smartphone seminar is new and I think it has potential for being very popular.  So Jim and I reviewed our materials and made a couple of important decisions on how we will present it.  Then we went thru the steps of our new 'coaching call' service for our members, decided it was in working order and sent out an email to a select test group of our members.  I'm excited about this one - we'll be making solid one-to-one connections with our members.
By then, Jim was fading, so I turned my attention to Odie.  We have been fighting fleas for several weeks (to no avail), and it was time to give Odie another flea bath.  I'm beginning to believe what I read on the Internet that the only way to get rid of fleas is by detonating a nuclear warhead! ... but we gotta keep trying.
Jim needed to go back to bed, and I decided I felt good enough to go get Mom and take her for one of her favorite things - a walk on the beach.  I decided to go to a different place than normal - down by the jetties at Port Everglades.  This was a favorite place of mine growing up here in Fort Lauderdale.  I'd walk the beach then climb out on the rocks and meditate on the meaning of life as the boats went in and out of the channel.  It's sad that Mom has no clue where she is - she should know those jetties like the back of her hand after having gone in and out of the inlet on boats all her life.  When we got there, she said "isn't it interesting how these big rocks are piled up here."  That's what alzheimers has done to her.

However - you gotta look at the bright side.  She really enjoyed herself!  Every experience is a brand new experience and she almost has that wide-eyed wonder of a child.  Luckily she is still quite physically fit, so walking on the beach or in a wooded park is no problem and she loves it.  It felt so good to share this with her.  I didn't even think about the cruise ships going by, but we happened to be there when the Allure of the Seas departed.  This is the biggest cruise ship ever constructed and it was quite a sight. On the way home we stopped at the Blue Fish bar and restaurant for a glass of wine and cup of lobster bisque - delicious.  When I dropped her off at her assisted-living home, we hugged real tight - sharing a nothing-held-back loving moment.
When I got home, Jim was up.  We decided to watch another movie - using Netflix instant streaming option this time.  Jim has one computer hooked up to display thru our big screen TV and sound thru the stereo system.  We chose 'Secretariat' - another wonderful, feel-good, inspiring movie.
Sometimes the nicest things happen when plans fall thru.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

It seems a lot of folks we are following have been coming down withdifferent types of flue but mostly the 24 hour kind. Hope you will both be back to your normal selves soon.

It's sad when we remember the ones we love and friends and all the good times and to see all that changed. We wish we could turn back the clock or wave a magic wand to make it all better.

Unfortunately all we can do is try to help them continue through life and make certain they know they are not being forgotten or discarded.

Enjoy as much time as you can together as we all know how precious it is.

It's about time.

Connie B. said...

Loved both movies!!!!!! Connie B.

Tom and Leah Van de Bussche said...

Alzheimer's is cruel. It takes away those we love and hold dear, but teases us by keeping them with us in body. We went through that with my wife's father and wish that pain on nobody else.

I will be scheduling a coaching call when we get setup at the Tiffin factory in a few days. I just received an email from you about it. I will be asking about Picasa, web albums and google +. I have used and love it.

You and Jim get well soon and have a good New Year's.

RV Khronicles of Kevelyn said...

We love watching movies as well. I'm curious what internet you were using to stream Netflix. We have a Verizon MiFi and don't think we'd have fast enough service in most places to stream a movie. Also, I thought movies used a lot of bandwidth.

Glad you had a great Christmas even if it wasn't a conventional celebration. Feel better soon!

Chris Guld said...

Kevin and Evelyn - you're absolutely right that streaming movies use a lot of bandwidth. Roughly 1-2 Gigabytes each! We splurged while we're spending the season in one park and got DSL to RV site. We wouldn't do this on any limited bandwidth plan.

Lori Anne said...

We had our first ever flea infestation this year. Nothing worked until we got Comfortis from our vet. It worked so fast, within a half hour our dog stopped scratching. It is a chewable pill.

Good luck!

Lori Anne, future fulltimer

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Fleas can be the dickens to get rid of. Part of the problem is that if your pet is infected so is your house. We had an infestation two falls ago with our cats. I didn't really notice until they started biting my legs and I'm allergic. Took weeks to heal up the spots. I used Advantage on the cats and that fixed them right up, stopped scratching within 20 minutes. Not so for me. I sprayed and sprayed the carpets & furniture to no avail because sprays don't break the life cycle of the fleas. They are not effective at killing them in the pupa stage. I finally got a big jar of something called FleabusterRx from Amazon, sprinkled it on the carpets & furniture, worked it in real good, let it set for a couple days then vacuumed up any excess. No more fleas. The stuff is kind of pricey but it WORKS.

Steve and Queenie said...

Greetings from Charlotte Motor Speedway. We have a beautiful day of unseasonably warm weather (60+) but it is supposed to get down to the low 20's tonight. Walking the beech and ocean next year for Christmas is my goal!

We met you guys at the RV-Dreams rally in Longs, SC and loved it. You guys were our inspiration and part of the reason we believed we could make it on the road. Now, after 18 months we have no desire to turn back. We are here in Charlotte (our original starting point) to eliminate the storage units we rented because we weren't sure how it would go.

We work trade shows and festivals for various people. We understand the cold and flu season because we are in constant contact with the public and their infectious gifts. Sometimes I think that is a blessing because we must get little doses that seem to inoculate us so we actually seem to have lees colds than we used to.

Love your new house. After seeing your unit in Longs, we decided we could make it in a Class C, but yes, we would like to have something diesel and bigger in the future. We are thinking of adding a trailer for work tools that we could also have a Smart Car inside. Diesel would be GOOD!

Queenies MOM had Alzheimer’s. It was sad, but also had blessings. She was as happy as a child most times and forgot a lot of her bad habits like smoking. Assisted living facility is very good idea.

We hope to hook up again in the future. Now that we have a few months under our belt we really have questions. Before we didn't know enough about the life style to ask pertinent questions.

One of the movies we have watched recently (with completely different take was the series) was Into the West. It was a TV series we watched years ago, but we recently re-watched it because we met and worked with one of the main characters this last year. Watching it and thinking of our current lifestyle on wheels was very interesting. Check it out.

Have a great year! Happy Trails! And we hope to see you down the road a piece!