Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Fun: Kayuba Waterway Cleanup at Bonnet House

Would you believe I turned my computers off and left them off all weekend!?  On Saturday we volunteered with our Kayuba dive club to pick up trash as part of Fort Lauderdale’s Waterway Cleanup day.  Our club does the work at the Bonnet House because the waterway there doesn’t have a seawall – It’s all mangrove roots and catches a lot of garbage floating by – so kayaks are the only way to get to it.  This picture from last year, gives you the best view of what I’m talking about:


Here’s Jim and my Uncle John getting ready.

We were so lucky to have a gorgeous day.  So, even though a morning of work didn’t appeal to me, I had a great time just getting my kayak wet and paddling around.  The fact that we were doing good deeds by cleaning plastic bottles, styrofoam cups, and lost shoes and plastic toys, out of the mangroves was icing on the cake.  See lots more pictures on Kayuba’s facebook page.


When the trash pickup was over, we took advantage of the beautiful day and strolled around the grounds at Bonnet house.  By this time, Dee arrived with Mom, so we all had a nice time together.

Here’s mom and Uncle John as we walked the grounds.

And, here’s Dee with a giant Banyan Tree

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Janice W Evans said...

Thank you for doing a great civic service. . .I often take a bag with me on my walks and collect stuff. . .especially when we stay on the beach. . .