Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Paddle on the Peace River

What a beautiful day!  And we took advantage of it.  I'm so proud of us that we got outside and put our kayaks in the water, rather than sitting at our computers all day like normal!
We met Sally in our computer classes that we held at Peace River this week.
Sally tries to hide behind her computer, but we force her to come out and learn about Picasa and her Smartphone!
We asked her if she would come with us to launch our Kayaks upriver in Wauchula, then drive our car back to the park where we would finish our paddle.  She said "Sure."  Thank you Sally for driving our car back for us.  We had a gorgeous paddle, see the video below.  I'm trying a different hosting option for this video - it's coming from my Skydrive account with Microsoft rather than Youtube.  We'll see how it works.

hmmm - even though Skydrive has 'Embed' code, what it does is take you over to Skydrive to play the video.
Here it is on Youtube:

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1 comment:

GMF said...

Well Skyview didn't work very well here in Pa over DSL. Neat paddle though, my daughters family will be heading to Rainbow Springs today to camp and Dive..