Thursday, December 13, 2012

Peace, Hot Tub, and Laundry

Ahhhhh ... I find myself sighing several times a day here at Thousand Trails, Peace River.  The river that gives the park its name has earned the title of Peace.  It flows thru the tropical forest of palm trees, live oaks, and spanish moss.  We chose to take a site right on the river's edge because we felt the need for Rest and Relaxation.  We have all our curtains open so we can look out at the river.

Reflections on the Peace River

First order of business was to relax in the hot tub!  No ... wait, we got to get the laundry done - it's been a couple of weeks!  Well, the laundry is right beside the pool & hot tub ... I have a solution!  As long as the bathing suit doesn't need washing!

My view while doing Laundry
Gee ... I seem to remember a similar post from when we stayed here during the 2006-7 season, I wonder if I can find it.  ... ha, I just typed in 'laundry' to the 'search this blog' field and here it is:

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Janice L Evans said...

a view of the water automatically invokes a sensation of calm.. .looks great!

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