Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Leaving Quartzsite

We actually had a couple days to explore, visit, and catch up on some office work before leaving Q.
We moved from the RV park where we gave our Geek Week, to a private lot where Butch and Fonda Williams were parked. They told us there was one space available, if we could squeeze in. You can't really see it in this picture ... the tight spot was on the other side, we had to get another RV to move back a couple feet before we could fit.

With only one day to go of our Quartzsite stay, we just had to go and climb "our" hill. The one that we hiked to most every day when we stayed there back in 2004-5.   I grabbed this picture from Jim's facebook page, cuz it's cool to see the comments too.

And, here's a screenshot from my phone. You can see that I'm using Skype and seeing Mom and Dee in Florida, how they're seeing me is in the corner. What a great way to communicate. 

Notice the comment from Bill Osborne about Flying today?  That prompted our next visit. Bill and Kris were parked out in the desert, with the Boomerville folks from Escapees. He also has a quadcopter and he and Jim have been wanting to get together.

Boys and their Toys!

Of course, we really came to visit with Winston - Bill and Kris's dog! I just love this little animated .gif that Google+ photos made with the Auto-Awesome feature.

We also got to visit with another friend in the desert. Don Bradner, and his Bluebird group have been meeting here for 12 or 13 years! See Jim's video in the previous post.

So, that's it for Quartzsite. We did one more What Does This Button Do? show, and then we hit the road.

I'm writing these blog posts well after the fact ... been TOO busy to keep up! So, I know I left out a bunch of stuff. There's more pictures on our monthly web album on Google+ Photos: http://goo.gl/qAii8S

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