Monday, August 10, 2015

Quad Cities, Mississippi River, and more teaching

Next stop was a planned "Geek Week" for the Quad Cities Computer Society in Moline, Illinois. This is our 4th time presenting for this group. Good Stuff. We usually stay at a Corps of Engineers park called Fisherman's Corner, right on the Mississippi River. We actually used it as an example in our Google Maps class in Madison. Someone came up to us after the class and said, "I know that park, we've stayed there before. But, last time we stayed just a little downstream at a County Park called Illiniwek, and it was even better.

So, guess where we stayed? Illiniwek! It has even more river frontage than Fisherman's Corner. Here's a 1.5 minute video including some aerial video by Jim.
The sunsets were spectacular watching from across the river.

Then we went to work! First, we were the speakers for the general meeting of the club. We showed them all about Google Photos.  Next up - we presented the same seminar for a different group. We traveled across the River to Betendorf, Iowa and the Center for Active Seniors. We've also been here 2-3 times before. What a great place it is.

Here's our hands-on class, teaching them how to use the cameras in their smartphones and tablets. This picture was demonstrating the panorama feature. Look closely ... see anything unusual about this picture?

The last night was especially fun. They asked us to attend their special interest group on smartphones and tablets and just be available for open Q&A. We fielded questions from "How do you remember your passwords?" to "What is the device that is projecting your smartphone screen thru the projector?" to "How do I find out what version of Android is on my phone?"

We love the Quad Cities Computer Society!

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Jan Mains said...

It's hard to find a RV park that is nicer than most COE, but I think you found a great one.