Monday, August 17, 2015

Travel Thru Ohio and Pennsylvania

After our Geek Week in the Quad Cities the next thing on our agenda was to get to the Jersey Shore to visit friends, but we didn't need to be there for a couple weeks. When we have no specific place to be, we look for Thousand Trails parks anywhere near our route. Since we pay for a yearly membership, it means that our stay is 'free.' And we love the woodsy locations.

Oh ... and the hot tubs! Most Thousand Trails parks have hot tubs and we love hot tubs!!

So we looked at the Thousand Trails map and decided to go to the Wilmington, OH park for a few days, then the Hershey, Pennsylvania park for a few days. And, I'm so glad we did! In addition to a soak every night at Wilmington, we met some new friends! Another blogger - J.D. Roth and his significant other Kim.

We look forward to meeting up with them again somewhere because we had LOTS to talk about, and only breakfast to do it. We also went to a place we'd heard about ... Jungle Jim's ... just outside of Cincinatti. WoW. Think of Trader Joe's and World Market together, then multiply times 10. It was fun.  And, Jim even found a Tobasco sauce belt-holster like Phil had - he had to get it!

Next stop Hershey Thousand Trails. TT are known for being in places with poor cell service and Internet connections. We were planning to be there on Sunday, so needed good Internet to do our "What Does This Button Do?" show. We drove around, checking the Verizon speed on our phones at ever empty site and were getting pretty discouraged ... speeds of 2Gb/s are minimum for us and we were getting less than 1. Then we drove by site F-5 and, lo and behold, we showed speeds of 4-5!! Whew! I really didn't want to go somewhere else. Here's the show we did there: Episode 48: Cleaning up your Contacts

When we left there, it was an easy drive to LBI at the Jersey Shore, where we plan to stay a few weeks!  Here's a little 1 minute video of traveling from Illinois to New Jersey. 

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Kim and Steve S said...

We ran into very bad stinkbugs in SE Ohio and Gettysburg. Did you have any problems with them in Hershey? We had friends who picked some up there also.

GMF said...

They have just started this year. I hope it isn't to bad a year. If you park in this area keep a watch on your water heater. They love to stop up the tube and cut off the air the flame. The heater will burn yellow and may flame clear up the side of the RV.