Saturday, September 03, 2016

FixClip Review by Jim Guld

Here is a product that is new to me and I think is very useful. It is an innovative upgrade of the venerable clothespin.

We regularly get requests to review products in exchange for discounts. I usually reject them unless I think they are interesting to our readers.

The holding power of the FixClip is nothing short of amazing. We tested them on a boat traveling 40 MPH. We attached some towels to the guardrails using regular clips and FixClips and opened ‘er up. The regular clips didn’t hold. The towels ended up on the deck.
The towels secured with FixClips stayed on.

If the wind never blew, they wouldn’t be necessary. But If you live in or travel to windy places, you will find a use for this handy clip to keep your towels, clothes, and work-rags secure. They can be used to hang lights, too. We went on a live-aboard dive trip last year and took old style plastic clips. Not this year. FixClips will be in our gear bags.

They come in packs of six, are made of high-tech plastic, and seem very strong and durable. There are no metal springs to rust.
They are great for the beach or around the pool and yard.
Give them a try..

Here is their Demo Video Link
Here is a Link to Purchase

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