Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Liberty Harbor and New York City

You don't want to drive an RV in New York City, and you'll certainly not find anywhere to park it! We were booked to do some seminars for a senior center in Manhattan called Senior Planet. So, we looked for an RV park where we could commute into the city and found Liberty Harbor. If you're looking for a camping spot with trees and nature trails, this definitely is not it. But, then again, why would you be looking for that when you want proximity to New York City? It is just a parking lot, with tight spaces. But it has 50 amp hookups, 24 hour security, and helpful friendly staff.

Most of all, it is convenient to the city. Just a short walk in one direction gets you to the waterfront where you can hop on a ferry and enjoy crossing the Hudson river straight to the docks at One World Trade Center. Our first day there had nothing scheduled, so we played tourist and paid the $35 to go to the top! OMG what a view.

When we came down we visited the 9/11 Memorial. What a brilliant design that pays tribute to those who died, and provides a moving and meditative place to reflect on what happened here. All with a beautiful and symbolic space that hits you with the hole that was left in the city on that day.

From there, we took a subway, and did some walking to get to the Senior Planet facility so we knew where to go the next day. Then, the rest of the day was for walking and sightseeing.
According to my Google Maps timeline, we walked nearly 7 miles that day! Here's the map:

And, here's some pictures:

We walked and walked until it started getting dark. When I took a look and saw that the last ferry was at 10 and it was already after 9 - we used our Uber app on our phone and caught a quick ride and all was well. (not to worry, there was another ferry that went close to our destination and ran all night)

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Unknown said...

Looks like fun! Does the RV park allow dogs and provide dog sitting services?